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Famous Web Design Trends in 2019

The use of websites for marketing business is what makes it necessary to keep updating yourself on what is happening in this area. You can implement changes for your website to include new features and trends by adding to what is already available or establishing a new one from scratch. Read this eye-opener on some of the trending website designs that will be of help to you in this article.

Video backgrounds are among the trending web design activities. Videos are entertaining and captivating, and having video content helps keep the viewer on the page longer than they do without it. When you make it interesting, someone will stay around to watch out what happens, and this will ensure higher levels of conversions compared to when you have static image backgrounds. There is also 100 times faster conveying of the word when you use video than when you use text.

The use of chatbots is another thing that is trending. The chatbots being used currently have advanced features to allow customers to ask questions and get quick responses in real time. Such chatbots make it possible for the company to respond to customers online questions without having to hire a full-time customer service employee. Not only do such interactive interfaces respond to customers, but they also collect information to be used by your sales department.

Loading speeds are also increased when it comes to accessing websites. Companies are employing the use of compressed images, creative redirecting, and minimized coding.

Using a flat design can also be another thing to implement on your website. The flat design ensures that there is a high loading speed with less clutter to load, and it also improves mobile performance. Make your flat design interesting by having bold lines, bright colors, and high-res photos. It is also possible to make your website semi-flat by having faint gradients and shadows.

Another thing to implement is that of using micro animations to guide and delights the user. Such animations can show that titles how to navigate through the website and indicate when an activity that they meant to do has occurred. For instance, after hitting the submit button, the button can change color.

Another available trend is that of using bold typography. Bold typography shows that one is being transparent and upfront about their message, by using bright, thick and bold fonts.

The use of custom illustrations is another trend available, which you can use to improve your website’s authenticity. Get a photographer or artist to create custom images for you to show the uniqueness of your business.

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